Welcome to our FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions Section

1. How far do I undress?!

Please undress to your level of comfort. Typically, half of our clients fully undress and the other half leave on undergarments. You will be draped with linens for the entire session and your therapist will only uncover the section of the body that is being treated.

2. How long is a  typical massage?

Most people start with 60 minutes. For best results, 90 minutes is ideal for a more therapeutic massage or general relaxation.

30 minute appointments are great for focus work on a specific area or for migraine treatment.

3. Can I ask for a specific therapist or preference for male or female therapist?

Yes, you can request either!

4. How early should I show up for my massage?

If you are a new client we strongly suggest coming 15 minutes early to fill out an intake for. We cannot perform massage until you have signed your finished intake form. Be aware that if you arrive late or if you are filling out paperwork past your start time that your massage time may be shortened. Our therapists work on a very tight schedule and do not have extra time between clients to make up for tardiness. For established clients we suggest coming about 5-10 minutes early to relax and enjoy tea or water before your massage.

5. What is the cancellation policy?

We request 24 hours notice for cancellations. For no-shows or less than 24 hours notice it is our policy to charge the full price of the scheduled appointment. If you have a gift certificate or deposit on file then that will be used to cover a no show or same day cancelation. If you cannot be reached, then a note will be put on your file and you will have to pay for your missed appointment before you can schedule another one. We have a 3 strike rule, if you cancel same day or no show us 3 times then we will no longer see you. If your appointment is cancelled more than 24 hours in advance, no charge will be applied.

6. Do you have evening appointments available?

Yes, we do! The last appointment of the day begins at 5:00pm. We are open the 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month from 9am to 6pm.

7. What are the general office hours?

9:00am to 6:00pm depending on our latest appointment. If we are already gone, please leave us a message! Voicemails and emails will be answered the following morning.

8. How far in advance can I make an appointment?

Appointments can be booked as far as three months in advance. On the 15th of every month our schedule opens for the following additional month (For example: On March 15th you would be able to schedule appointments for the month of June). You will receive a courtesy phone call, text, or e-mail reminder the day before your appointment.

9. What types of massages do you offer?

We offer a wide variety of modalities. Every therapist has their own specialty, but our services include Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Therapy, Hot Stones, Cupping, and Pre-Natal Massage.

10. Do you take insurance?

We are a preferred provider through Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield. We only have two therapists currently credentialed and a long list of insurance clients. Because of this we are unable to take new clients for personal insurance. Insurance companies do not keep their current providers up to date so it may appear we have several LMT’s available but this is false. We are working at credentialling more therapists but it is a very long process.

Motor vehicle accident claims depends on our current availability. Referrals are often for twice weekly and we may not be able to get you in in a timely or consistent manner as we are normally average 3-4 weeks out. You can always call and ask!

11.Where are you located?

We are right downtown across from the Riverfront Park on the ground floor of the Rivers Condos. Our complementary parking and main entrance are located in the alleyway between Court Street and State Street. You can also use our directions page to help with a visual!

12. Can I purchase gift certificates online or over the phone?

We are currently only selling gift certificates in the office.

13. I have a gift certificate to use!

Awesome!! Give us a call and we will get you into our schedule! It helps to have your gift certificate with you when you make your appointment so we can help you pick the correct service and make record of the number just in case you forget to bring it with you to your appointment. We are unable to look up gift certificates by name so if you forget your gift certificate and we do not have a number noted you will be unable to use it for the visit.

Due to an ownership change, Gift certificates purchased before 4/1/2022 will be redeemable for their dollar amount, not a listed service. They will also only be redeemable in the salon until 3/30/2027.

14. Can I book online?

We do not do online booking as each of our therapists has a very customized schedule and needs that a computer system cannot give us. Massage is a very physically demanding occupation and we do our best to make sure our staff isn’t overworked so they can continue to give you the massage you deserve!