Jordan McCourry, LMT & Owner

Jordan graduated from Oregon School of Massage in 2019. She is an exceptional deep tissue therapist and the owner of La Lumiere Massage!

Outside of La Lumiere, she manages another business with her husband and raises their daughter in the midst of it all! As Salem born and raised residents, her and her husband are proud to be so deeply committed to the small business community of their hometown.

Lic # 25001

She is not currently taking new clients for massage.

Josh Lelacheur, LMT

Coming all the way from Florida, Josh graduated from Cortiva Institute of Massage Therapy in June of 2018. He specializes in spinal work with modalities in relaxation, deep tissue, myofascial release, and neuromuscular massage. He has a huge heart and wants to help everyone.

Outside of massage therapy, he enjoys dancing, reading, and crafting.

Modalities; deep tissue, migraine, myofascial release, sports massage and relaxation massage.

Lic # 26980

Currently credentialed with Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield

Rebecca Talbott, LMT

Rebecca has been licensed since 2016.  She specializes in stretch therapy and reflexology. She is extremely in tuned with the body and how it works. She is a passionate learner and is always thumbing through books for a refresher or to figure out a new technique. She is skilled in giving a “soft therapeutic”, in which she lets the body tell her when it is ready to release. She strongly suggests scheduling a 90 minutes so she has lots of time to communicate with your body. She is passionate about self-care mentally and physically and is more than happy to suggest stretches to do at home and remember to drink your water. Be a grape, not a raisin.

Modalities; cupping, deep tissue, hot stone, sports, stretch therapy and relaxation massage.

Lic# 21870

Currently credentialed with Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield

Marci Quintanilla, LMT

Marci’s interest in massage was piqued when she first attended a massage therapy class 10 years before finally becoming a licensed massage therapist. Marci graduated from the University of Western States massage therapy program in 2016. Her approach is investigative, thoughtful confident and warm. She works with her clients to ensure that each session meets their individual and specific needs. Over the past five plus year, she has expanded her knowledge in deep tissue, cupping, trigger point therapy, myofascial release and so much more. Marci loves creating a warm and healing environment to help her clients feel safe and well taken care of.

Modalities; cupping, deep tissue, hot stone, migraine, lymph drainage, sports massage, stretch therapy, myofascial release, prenatal and  relaxation massage.

Lic# 22782

Currently credentialed with Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield

Aly Mason, LMT

Though Aly is one of our least experienced therapists, but you would never know. She has wisdom and skill well beyond her years. She does an amazing flowing relaxation massage and loves to add hot stones and hot towels to her services. She is especially skilled in therapeutic work, specializing in detailed trigger point while incorporating pin and stretch techniques.  She is always smiling and laughing and we are thrilled to have such a well rounded therapist as part of our team!

Modalities; therapeutic,  trigger point, prenatal, hot stone, and relaxation massage.

Lic# 27673

Heidi Teubner, LMT

as been in the wellness industry for 23 years as a licensed aesthetician and Massage Therapist in Oregon and Washington. Her modalities are Swedish massage, deep, tissue, prenatal, massage, active isolated  stretching (AIS), hot stones, and some reflexology. As an esthetician, she offers facials, waxing services, and has the ability to do body treatments and chemical peels and other skin resurfacing, such as Microdermabrasion.

Her passion is to help her clients heal and live a balanced life. Originally from the Oregon coast, but has lived in the southern states for over 20 years. She has two grown sons that are her entire life. Ask her about those Boise State Bronco!

Lic # 19369

Dustin Talbott, LMT

Dustin has been licensed since 2009 and specializes in deep tissue, cupping and sports massage. He is very caring, observant and checks in often throughout the massage. He has an outward quiet demeanor but his subtle offhand jokes keep us all laughing.

Modalities; cupping, deep tissue, migraine, myofascial release, stretch therapy, sports and swedish massage.

Lic# 16301

Stormy Laird, LMT

Stormy graduated from Wellsprings School of Allied Health with a certificate in Massage in January of 2018. She has been practicing for 3 years, going on 4. She decided to become a massage therapist because she wanted to improve a person’s quality of life. Stormy is certified in Reiki, Hot Stone, Prenatal and Deep Tissue Massage. Outside of massage, a few of her favorite hobbies include hiking and reading.

Modalities; cupping, deep tissue, hot stone, migraine, lymph drainage and relaxation massage.


Does NOT do private insurance or MVA or workers comp

Victoria Hampton, LMT

Victoria graduated from Mossmain College of Therapeutic Massage in Montana in 2016. She spent the first few years of her career working in a chiropractic office and developing a variety of therapeutic massage techniques.

Victoria specializes in Deep Tissue Therapy but also enjoys practicing Swedish techniques, Cupping Therapy, Hot Stone, Trigger Point Therapy, and a variety of combinations! She loves creating an intuitive bodywork session to fit each individual’s needs.

Modalities; cupping, deep tissue, hot stone, migraine, myofascial release, sports and swedish massage.

Lic #25628

Currently credentialed with Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield