Rebecca Talbott, LMT

Rebecca has been licensed since 2016.  She specializes in stretch therapy and reflexology. She is extremely in tuned with the body and how it works. She is a passionate learner and is always thumbing through books for a refresher or to figure out a new technique. She is skilled in giving a “soft therapeutic”, in which she lets the body tell her when it is ready to release. She strongly suggests scheduling a 90 minutes so she has lots of time to communicate with your body. She is passionate about self-care mentally and physically and is more than happy to suggest stretches to do at home and remember to drink your water. Be a grape, not a raisin.

Modalities; cupping, deep tissue, hot stone, sports, stretch therapy and relaxation massage.

Lic# 21870

Currently credentialed with Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield, RGA, and HMA.